Who we are

This is a support network for young mothers and pregnant women in Botswana.
Contact us at ympsn.botswana@gmail.com

Develop and empower the young mother.

Formerly known as Young Mothers & Pregnancy Circle Botswana.
This is the new page for our recently branded organization now named Young Mothers & Pregnancy Support Network.

Our Vision:
A peaceful and liberated mindset of woman.

Our Goals:
To build psychological, physical, financial and spiritual confidence of our members.
To instill interpersonal skills in the young mother.
To promote independence through skills building.
To re-construct love of self.
To promote effective child-mother relations.


A gift wraped with love

After months of preparations and anxiety the moment of seeing her face, speechless as it were…overwhelmed with so much gratitude and shock my heart melted away with tears. Every moment, as back breaking as it were, was all worth it. Her ready to pop bun stood there motionless after we announced it was not a ladies get together session but her surprise baby shower. she hadn’t seen it coming at all, “who…how…who organized this?” she finally found her voice. Moments like these are the hardest to forget., simply because seeing someone break a smile in your account is life changing. The team of ladies who had helped make this day memorable couldn’t hide their relief, their content joy…it was indeed a day to remember. We often give to find recognition, but on that day we has striped naked of our pride as we parted ways with our pockets and time. Seeing the look in her face has inspired us to give more of our time, resources and love to others, so we termed the month of August “giving back” simply because she, in not so many words had taught us the magic of a little help. Music, gifts and giggles were endless that night as we packed the car to drop her off. I felt my heart give a sigh and tears fell off as i watched the white mini bus take off.  we waved back to her grinning face through the back window until her face was dissolved into the night. wow, what a moment to treasure.

Liberating mindset of woman